Thursday, June 17, 2010

Swimming makes me feel good :)

Yesterday morning i went swimming with my mom and Wayee at Wayee's house in Kelab Cinta Sayang..its their usual workout every morning, so i decided to join them..hehe! Because whenever i feel really down or messed up, swimming was a good way to overcome it! swimming is a good way to get in shape especially in getting a flat tummy *wink*

Well actually, i used to undergo swimming trainings to become a lifeguard in Uitm in my diploma times (yes a lifeguard like Baywatch..haha) it was exhausting training everyday to build up your stamina but during the lifeguard exam i felt it didn't quite work out (Baywatch dream crushed..haha ;p)

So, with the knowledge i have..kinda used it to teach my mom and Wayee the basic of swimming ;)

p/s : While showering, i kinda felt down the tub..owhh clumsy me! so right now, my left upper and lower body are all bruised hurts so i can't walk, sit and sleep properly! *sigghhh*

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

L.A Candy by Lauren Conrad

I’m not a book worm and I rarely buy books, so a visit at MPH recently to buy French dictionaries for Wayee (teaching her a bit of French..hehe) change my intention completely. A book by Lauren Conrad totally caught my eyes title L.A Candy: Sweet Little Lies. I’m a huge fan of LC since her days in Laguna Beach and I’ve heard that the book is a huge success! So beg my mom to buy it for me..hehe!

So got home, and open the wrapper..eagerly to read it! But it happens the book was a second edition..ahaha the 1st one was called L.A Candy but nevertheless the book is real good! luckily it wasn't a 'to be continue' you don't go huh? its understandable, cute, fun and enjoyable! Totally loving it and a must to all the book readers out there! :)

Basically, L.A Candy provides an inside look at celebrity lifestyles, what goes on behind the scenes, and how someone's life can be ruined in a second, like at the flip of a switch based loosely from Lauren Conrad's experienced in Laguna Beach and The Hills.

I haven't finish the book yet but so far so good! can't wait to buy L.A Candy to know how it all started..teehee! (^_^)

Penang is my second home up north ;p

Now, i’m in Sungai Petani, Kedah staying with my mom for a month. So very free willy! Hehe i became sort of the escort to her every move ;p So last Monday, out of the blue my mom called and said ‘we’re going to Penang with Wayee..hurry dress up, i’m odw to pick you up!’ like wth kan! So luckily i manage to get ready in a nick of time. Btw, Penang and my house is just less than half an hour away. As we arrive, we went to Gurney Plaza and spent the whole day there! no kidding! Became personal shoppers for my mom and was tiring! but luckily we stop at Dome for a quick snack if not i think i’ll pass out..haha shopping with grownups is more tiring than with your girlfriends..maybe because the interest

my quick look! ask my mom to take it for me..and she said 'I want too'..hehe!

cute mom :)

my aunty, Wayee.

fries! it was soo delicious!

sambal puff

iced chocolate since i don't take coffee.


On the way back to Sungai Petani, we stop at Sungai Dua for the best Mee Rebus/Udang at Pak Ngah restaurant. Since Kedah is far, so for the best Mee Rebus in KL would be at Kota Damansara, Seksyen 9 at a restaurant called Gulam! serious yummylicious ;)

Hopes got crushed!

My last semester result was finally known last week but due to system down, i couldn't find it out until last Saturday. My other colleagues' result, some good some not. This last semester was a big deal because i'm almost close in getting my 'Anugerah Naib Canselor' since i got Dean's List every semester so far..the pressure was on i tell you! Last semester was pretty hard, i didn't hope much but still hoping i'll make it. So, when i saw my result and my GPA was below 3.5..owhh my heart sank! it's so sad to be closed and didn't make it! :(

It was my last semester and it was the first time i got a GPA under 3.5..owhh how heartbroken! From Diploma until Degree every semester was 3.5 above and Dean's fail at the end was a knife to the heart..haha! but instead of beating myself up..i'm staying optimistic and concentrating on my future (getting a good job). Frustration and guilt won't get you anywhere. Besides, i'll be graduating with First Class Honour :) :)

p/s : Can't wait for my graduation this October (i think) as all my love ones will be there especially Achot :)

Out with the mom and sis

Last week, my mom and my little sister, Nana came to KL from Sungai Petani to drop her off at my dad’s house and pick me up (kinda like system barter..haha) Since my mom still got a few things to do in KL, so we stayed at my aunt’s house in Selayang. So on Tuesday, I and my mom decided to visit my second sister, Yiya at UIA since she’s doing her short semester there. So for dinner we decided to go Victoria Station, Ampang. It’s been a while since the three of us actually sit together, so it felt good. :)

Lamb Shank

Later we went to Wangsa Walk to catch a movie..hehe i really wanted to watch Prince of scoreee! It was awesome, Jake Gyllenhaal (need i say more) owhh so yummy!