Thursday, June 17, 2010

Swimming makes me feel good :)

Yesterday morning i went swimming with my mom and Wayee at Wayee's house in Kelab Cinta Sayang..its their usual workout every morning, so i decided to join them..hehe! Because whenever i feel really down or messed up, swimming was a good way to overcome it! swimming is a good way to get in shape especially in getting a flat tummy *wink*

Well actually, i used to undergo swimming trainings to become a lifeguard in Uitm in my diploma times (yes a lifeguard like Baywatch..haha) it was exhausting training everyday to build up your stamina but during the lifeguard exam i felt it didn't quite work out (Baywatch dream crushed..haha ;p)

So, with the knowledge i have..kinda used it to teach my mom and Wayee the basic of swimming ;)

p/s : While showering, i kinda felt down the tub..owhh clumsy me! so right now, my left upper and lower body are all bruised hurts so i can't walk, sit and sleep properly! *sigghhh*


Miasuraya said...

That place looks oddly familiar. who's Wayee?

Adyla said...

you've been there la babe! while you were younger..with mak long and pak long.. wayee is my aunty, mak teh's sister :)